Mini Drone

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  • Product Code: HC615

New to drones? This is your perfect companion!

If you get interested in RC drones recently and want to improve your pilot skill, try this impact-resistant quadcopter. It is equally equipped with Headless Mode and One Key Return, and its little size is ideal for flying indoors.

Main Features:

Headless Mode

This user-centred mode allows you to ignore the front of the drone. In this way, the drone flies in any direction you want.

One Key Return

When you need to recall the UAV, just press the button and no other operations are required. You only need to wait and welcome it back.

Aerobatic Flight

You do not need to worry about the crash. Throw out the drone and enjoy the amazing air show that it offers to you.

Speed Switch

Fly the drone at a low speed if the surroundings are complex; you can accelerate whenever you crave for a thrilling flight.

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