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The first modular drone that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, and more! It does stunts through drag-and-drop programming.

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Airblock is an easy to use programmable drone. It's a plug and play portable indoor drone for children and adults. Gizmaze is authorized distributor of makeblock airblock drones in Dubai, UAE.

Create From Your Imagination

With magnetic attachments and modularity, the Airblock drone is only limited by your imagination. We want to encourage the spirit of creation in everyone!


Airblock is made of lightweight, engineered foam that is soft, strong and durable. The fans/blades are surrounded by hexagons, so they’re not directly exposed to objects. Airblock is safe to fly around kids and for kids to safely fly.

The Aerodynamics Behind The Hovercraft

The lift from the four propellers allows Airblock to do a number of stunts, and by selecting two propellers from either side, it can generate specific movements. For instance, the two propellers located on the back of the hovercraft drive the hovercraft forward. The two propellers located in the front drive the hovercraft backward. Getting two propellers to push against each other enables the hovercraft to go left or right. With a little bit of knowledge in physics and aerodynamics, you can even make the hovercraft drift, slide or rotate in any direction!

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What is the maximum control distance of Airblock?

The vertical height in an open area is limited to 5m (16ft) and the horizontal distance is limited to 15m (49ft).

Do I have to purchase a remote control separately for Airblock ?

Airblock is not equipped with a remote control. You can use iPad, iPhone or Android phone to control it via the Makeblock App.

Is the programming of Airblock difficult? How old does the child have be to grasp the programming?

Airblock uses graphical programming for controls. The programming is suitable for children 8 years old and older.

Where can I download Airblock App?

The Airblock app will be downloadable at the Apple Store and the Play Store.

How should I control the flight direction since I am unfamiliar with drone control?

You can distinguish this with the indicators on the top and the propeller bracket.

Are aerial stunts simple to control?

Take-off and aerial stunts can be done by one-touch operation. You can also customize the stunts through graphical programming.

Will Airblock get out of control when it disconnects from the mobile device’s Bluetooth?

When the mobile device Bluetooth is disconnected, Airblock will hover and automatically land.

Will Airblock get out of control when mobile device is powered off?

When the mobile device is powered off, Airblock will automatically land.

Can Airblock land in the water in flight mode?

Six-axis aircraft does not support use on water. To play with Airblock on water, please assemble it into a hovercraft.

Is it possible to install Airblock’s power modules to the wrong ports?

Airblock uses a magnetic connection. It can effectively prevent the wrong assembly through distinguishing the positive and negative polarity.

Does Airblock support a camera?

No, it doesn't support a camera.

How can I use Airblock’s DIY mode?

In Airblock DIY mode, you can control each hollow cup motor through the app, and read the sensor data.

Can children play with the Airblock?

In theory, children can play with Airblock. But the propellers may pose a danger to younger children. It’s recommended that children should be accompanied by an adult when playing with Airblock.

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